Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Averting Attention from the Health Care Crisis

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, says Social Security reform is just a diversion:
Social Security is a place holder. As long as it remains on the domestic agenda, it blocks consideration of the real domestic crisis President Bush doesn't want to touch: the health care system.

Consider the symptoms. Medicare, the government's health care program for the elderly, is heading toward bankruptcy faster than Social Security. Its future unfunded liabilities are seven times larger. Social Security is projected to be in financial trouble in four decades; Medicare, within 10 years.

Reich blames the Medicare crisis on the continually rising cost of health care. Those who must pay for their own health care and medical insurance will know that Reich's essay rings true.

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Eric Lee said...

Reich's a pretty smart fella. My girlfriend met him last Friday (along with Newt Gingrich) at some Job Summit thing here in San Diego. She said they were both very nice guys. She even picked up a copy of Robert Reich's Reason and had him sign it to me, telling me it's "another one to add to your book garden." :)