Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"A constitutional abuse of power"

Raw Story has posted some comments from an interview they did with Congressman John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. Here are the paragraphs from the story that will raise the most eyebrows:
"For the president to be at one time misleading the Congress about his intentions, and at the same time working carefully with Prime Minister Blair and many in his cabinet as the declassified memos now reveal, as far as eight months before the war started, we don't just have deception," Conyers remarked.

"This is a constitutional abuse of power, and what we want to do, is first deal with this media silence," he continued, and spoke briefly about the forum he is holding today on media bias. "We want to get to why the media approaches this with such reluctance" [it] begins to unfold something like Watergate did; it appeared in page A35 of the Washington Post as a three sentence story and of course it kept going on."

Conyers demurred to say if he was considering a resolution of inquiry, the first step in any impeachment process.


Motherlode said...

Oh Dr. Prescott, am I glad to have found you! As a fellow Baptist, I must say it is heartening to discover someone who speaks the faith of our fathers. I too have been posting my outrage about the lack of media attention to the secret Downing Street memo, but I thought you would really enjoy this post, , one of the greatest speeches I've heard in ages, by a Christian, female African-American legislator in Texas. She spoke from the floor of the Texas House in reaction to the stupid, superfluous anti-gay-marriage bill, when so many issues of greater import to our citizens are going unaddressed.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


Thanks for the link. That was a powerful speech.

LiteraryTech said...

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for contributing to the witness for our Constitution. I understand that many people have dismissed these allegations in the past because they were unsubstantiated and sounded too much like something that couldn't happen. I feel strongly, however, that the time has come to have hearing that I believe would lead to impeachment.

Our Constitution deserves this consideration and our American values demand it.


Greek Shadow said...

David I would add that the honored dead and their grieving families deserve it.