Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Oklahoma Event to be National Model

National Americans United has issued a press release about Oklahoma's Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection and suggests it as a potential national model.

Here's a link and a quote:
Said AU's Lynn, "The Dobsons are essentially telling people of other faith traditions that they are not welcome and to take a hike. I want all of them to know they should hike on over to our event, where they will be welcomed and encouraged to take part."

Continued Lynn, "Americans United's event is about inclusion, not exclusion. It's a different celebration that honors the Constitution and celebrates our diversity."

Lynn said Americans United hopes to export the Oklahoma City model to other communities.


Greek Shadow said...

All power to you and AU, let's get this on a roll. About time someone other than the crazies get all the press. (To anon & Bubba, that word crazies is meant as hyperbole, don't take it too literally)

Anonymous said...

Your choice of words speaks volumes for itself. They portray what is in the heart. Thanks for blessing me.