Friday, May 13, 2005

Our Thoroughly Evangelical Air Force Academy

Americans United asked the secretary of defense to investigate religious favoritism at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The Air Force responded quickly. Then the Air Force Academy chaplain that blew the whistle on the strong-arm evangelization tactics at the Academy was fired.

Meanwhile, the commander who is the subject of the complaint is up for promotion.

This kind of response seems to be standard operating procedure at the Air Force Academy. It sure served them well in solving the problem of sexual harassment at the Academy.


Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

Here's a post with some pictures on this issue:

Who got the pink slip?

Dr. Mike Kear said...

This is a tragic story, but not surprising considering the federalizing of fundamentalism.

Capt. Melinda Morton is a square peg that just won't fit in the round hole of an ever-narrowing idea of acceptable religion.



Greek Shadow said...

What is it about Colorado Springs? Has it turned into the New Jerusalem? The Navigators, James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and now a Religiously Correct Military Academy.

Dr. Mike Kear said...

You're right, Shadow.

Even evangelicals themselves call it the "Christian Mecca." Home of the International Bible Society. And don't forget that this is the headquarters for Ted Haggard (president of the NAE) and his army of Charismatic Dominionists.



greg said...

As usual, does a good job of covering the story:

Anonymous said...

You know if there had been 5 cases of rape it would have been a scandal, but this is disgusting.

By ROBERT GEHRKE, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The Air Force has identified 54 cases of rape or sexual assault in its investigation into impropriety at the Air Force Academy and there are likely many more cadets who will not come forward, Air Force Secretary James Roche said Thursday.