Sunday, May 22, 2005

U.N. Condemns U.S. Treatment of Afghans

As Congress prepares to confirm an Ambassador to the United Nations who hates the U.N., the U.N. is condemning the alleged abuse of detainees at the main U.S. base in Afghanistan.

The New York Times reports that in 2002 two detainees died after being shackled and beaten.

Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan -- the pattern of this evidence is compelling to anyone who has eyes to see.

It makes me sick at my stomach.

Where are the people with all the megaphones -- Richard Land, Al Mohler, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, D. James Kennedy, and all the other self-righteous blow hards who make a living railing about the decline of morals in America? When are they going to start rooting out the moral melanoma that is right under their noses and visible to the entire world?

It would be hard to find a stronger indictment of the spiritual degeneracy and moral bankruptcy of 21st Century American Evangelicalism.

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Jim said...

They are all too busy hiding their heads in the sand in shame at their blind, subchristian patriotism. God has been, for them, replaced by America. They are worshippers of the USA instead of the Lord Christ. My country, right or wrong, is their creed instead of "I believe in God...."