Monday, May 23, 2005

Have We No Decency?

Here's an obscene quote from today's Washington Post:

Mary Tillman says the government used her son for weeks after his death, perpetuating an untrue story to capitalize on his altruism -- just as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was erupting publicly.


Dr. Mike Kear said...


This is pathetic. Aren't there other Americans who feel ashamed at how they've been used by the administration? Christ, how long will this go on before we say, "Enough!"?



Anonymous said...

After 9/11, the monster in the American psyche came out to play.

Someday there'll be a massive amount of shame over this period in our history.

It's not that we were ever any better than this (human nature and all), but the trauma of life overtook us.

Greek Shadow said...

It was FDR who said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.", but even he gave in to the fear of Japanese and set up the internment camps trampling the rights of countless American citizens, and yes we look back and hang our heads in shame. History is good at making us look in the mirror and not liking what we see.
I think the real shame will be placed on the timid and cowering Democrats in Congress. More afraid of losing an election than in standing up and saying "The Emperor Has No Clothes."